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David Staume
DAVID STAUME is a philosopher, secular humanist and public speaker. He is a member of rationalist and freethinking associations, is studying at the University of London, and can be contacted via the website www.modernphilosophy.com.

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The odds of an afterlife: Reasonable. The odds of meeting God there: Nil.

THE ATHEIST AFTERLIFE describes an afterlife that is consistent with known law and requires nothing more than physics. It demonstrates that an afterlife is possible based on reason, and supports the probability of an afterlife with an original and testable support for dualism -- the proposition that our mind and body are separate.

An afterlife based on reason has profound implications. An afterlife that requires only physics requires no God; it makes the concept of God irrelevant and removes the 'God of the Gaps' completely. It enables us to prove that many religious conceptions of an afterlife are false, including the concepts of judgement, selectivity based on belief, and the existence of Heaven and Hell. It removes the concept of an afterlife from its religious associations, so humanists and other rationalists can examine it on its own merit. And an original and testable support for dualism could resolve a philosophical debate that's been going on for more than 2,000 years!

'Philosophy has had one arm tied behind its back by the absence of a law prohibiting an afterlife, and the other arm tied behind its back by the absence of any logical mechanism to support it. ... Until now.'

Entertaining and well reasoned, THE ATHEIST AFTERLIFE is a significant contribution to philosophy and free thought.

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To arrange an interview with the author, please contact him via the website www.modernphilosophy.com.

David's commentary also appears on www.atheistdirectory.net and www.afterlifedebate.com.

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