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Publishing & Marketing Your Book

In Agio Publishing House's collaborative publishing model, the first step is creating an overall publishing and marketing plan, based on the 14 P framework that Bruce Batchelor introduced in his breakthrough book, Book Marketing DeMystified. You'll receive a copy of Book Marketing DeMystified and have a homework assignment of reading it and drafting your answers to the questions.

Bruce works one-on-one with you, in person, via email or on the phone, to define clearly your true purpose or passion. Then, you and Bruce together research and evaluate many options, before building a 14 P marketing mix that is tailored to your unique goals, situation and resources.

Your book's marketing mix includes a timetable and budget for all the publishing and marketing work that will follow. For example, the positioning, product and public factors of the marketing mix will tell us how best to edit, design and lay out your book.

Multiple editions can be produced and launched simultaneously, if that is agreed in the marketing plan. Hardcover editions have either a laminated cover (as is common on textbooks and manuals) or a dust jacket (traditionally expected for literary fiction and memoirs) over a cloth binding. Paperbacks can be retailed in the $15 to $20 range at and through thousands of other retailers, both the online vendors and regular bookstores around the world. If it suits the content, of course, the author can select a much higher retail price. An eBook edition is produced, in multiple formats (ePub, mobi/kindle, txt, pdf, etc).

Of course, all editions have proper ISBNs and legal deposit with the national library, copyright assertions and registration in industry reference databases.

Your book's marketing phase can be a wonderfully rewarding chapter in your life. Bruce's 30-year experience in the trade, and his entrepreneur's eye for trends and opportunities, means that you have a wide range of options from which to select the Promotional Mix that fits your book, purpose, budget and situation best. All publicity and promotion is done with your input and approval.

In researching Book Marketing DeMystified, Bruce interviewed top publishing executives, booksellers and dozens of successful self-publishing authors. He likely knows as much about what's being tried and what's effective (and what isn't) as anyone else in the industry. You can personally tap into that expertise only at Agio Publishing House.

All Agio books are edited personally by Bruce - through substantive, line and proofreading stages as appropriate. Marsha Batchelor ably creates the much-praised covers and interior designs.

Our authors generally invest at least $6,000 in the editing, design and initial publishing of their new books - more if extensive editing work is needed to raise the manuscript to its potential. A marketing/promotions budget will be mapped out, based on a range of promotional and publicity choices - from nothing to extensive. Keep in mind that most mid-size publishing houses invest between $40,000 and $100,000 to produce and launch each new title. You can apply your time, talents and connections to keep the marketing plans and costs within your comfort zone.

Agio Publishing House offers its authors these distinct advantages:

  • a beautiful book, with a cover designed to please the eye, grab attention, and entice buyers to buy!
  • professionally edited text
  • a targeted, cost-effective marketing plan honed to achieve your purpose
  • books printed on demand, which avoids the huge expense of preprinting and storage
  • simultaneous release of multiple editions (quality trade paperback and/or hardcover, and eBook)
  • worldwide distribution through Ingram Book and other distributors/wholesalers, so your book can be ordered at tens of thousands of bookstores
  • books that are competitively priced for the retail market, and available at low wholesale prices to the author
  • customized promotion and publicity
  • assistance with interviews, speaking engagements and launch event
  • personal attention by Bruce and Marsha Batchelor
  • an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation, excitement and fun!

You are invited to contact us today to discuss your book and your plans. We accept only one or two new authors each month.

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