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Agio Publishing House provides a worry-free, top-notch experience for the author. Bruce and Marsha Batchelor, owners of Agio, have decades of experience producing bestsellers and specialty books, and can provide exactly the writing, editing, design, printing, distribution and marketing that is perfect for you and your book.

Bruce is a marketing expert, experienced editor, respected publisher, bestselling author and celebrated entrepreneur; Marsha is an accomplished graphic designer, specializing in book design. (Read more in the Inside Agio section.)

Now you can hire these two top professionals to personally produce and market your book. Agio Publishing House works with a select clientele, publishing a maximum of one new book per month. You are encouraged to submit your manuscript for consideration and to schedule the production, publishing and marketing for your book.

For more information on our process, please see the Publishing & Marketing Your Book page.

Bruce Batchelor and many of our authors are available for media interviews and to present workshops, and to address gatherings, large and small. Contact us with your requests: ContactUs page for details.

We look forward to meeting you, and being of service in the publishing of your new book!

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