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Titles being published in 2023 include these:

Titles published in 2022 include these:

Titles published in 2021 include these:

Titles published in 2020 include these:

Titles published in 2019 included these:

  • Private Investigator Leanne Jones lays out the facts in one of BC's craziest cold cases Murder In A Cabin;
  • The expanded edition of Catching Your Breath in Grief: and grace will lead you home by Thomas Attig, (for Breath of Life Publishing).
  • Dr. Robert Pereira's Illuminating Dual Diagnosis, the sequel to "Faces of Dual Diagnosis" (2011) and "Reflections of Dual Diagnosis";

Titles published and in preparation in 2018 include these:

Titles published in 2017 include these:

Titles published in 2016 include these:

Titles published in 2015 include these:

Titles published in 2014 include these:

Produced in 2014:

  • On April 26, 2014, Agio Publishing House hosted a lovely evening presentation called UNVEILING THE MIDDLE EAST with Ghada Alatrash (performing Arabic poems, short stories and translations) and Ed Brown (poems and commentary about PTSD by a former UN peacekeeper). More details at
  • A very successful showing of Marsha's abstract paintings at Dales Gallery - see info at

Titles launched in 2013 include these:

Titles launched in 2012 include these:

Titles launched in 2011 include these:

Titles launched in 2010 include the following:

Published in 2009 were these titles:

Our 2008 releases included Rowland Charles Marshall's Luck Was My Companion: Adventures of an Old Sea Dog; the first two books in Barry Mathias's Ancient Bloodlines Trilogy; naturalist David Stirling's Birds, Beasts and a Bike Under the Southern Cross; Bruce Batchelor's Nine Dog Winter; the first of Martha Goguen's Dream, Believe, Achieve series of children's books, entitled Emily; high vibrational healer Nadine Mercey's Deeper Souls, Less Shoes; and Mary-Jane Bateman and Bruce Fogel's Knowledge of Oneness: Letters of Enlightenment from Beyond the Veil.

Featured books released in autumn 2007 were Book Marketing DeMystified by Bruce Batchelor and The Onion Files by Major General Val Pattee. All of our books are doing splendidly, following their marketing plans and delivering regular royalties to the authors.

AUTHORS: You are invited to submit your manuscripts.

Agio's founders, Bruce and Marsha Batchelor, having published thousands of books since 1975 through previous ventures, launched a new publishing company in 2007: Agio Publishing House, with its head office in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Bruce is the inventor of the print-on-demand (POD) publishing approach that has enabled over 600,000 authors worldwide to be published. From their experience working with authors from over 100 countries, Bruce and Marsha know there is a need to take publishing to the next stage. With the opening of Agio, they have created a highly innovative, specialized publishing service for discerning authors who wish to have a beautiful book launched with an effective, personalized marketing program. Under the expert guidance of these highly respected industry veterans, you can join the ranks of independent ("indie") authors who are re-defining the book industry – in much the same way that indie filmmakers are bringing new life to the movie business.

Many authors work directly with Bruce Batchelor, an acknowledged leader in the publishing world, to research and plan the optimal marketing mix for his or her book. Publishing costs are jointly underwritten by Agio and the author, making this a truly collaborative venture of shared responsibilities, investment and decision-making. Typically Bruce will edit the manuscript through the line edit and proofing stages.

Cover design and inside page layout are performed by award-winning graphic designer Marsha Batchelor. (Marsha shown in photo at right with her brother, illustrator Stewart McGillis. To see samples of Marsha's artwork and designs, please go to Marsha Batchelor Art & Design Samples.)

Bruce then works with the author on the implementation of the book's multi-faceted marketing campaign. Marketing includes such cost-efficient and cutting-edge tactics as simultaneously releasing paperback and eBook editions, then adding an audio book edition (distributed as a series of podcast episodes) and maybe a hardcover print edition too. Publicity will build from local and niche media coverage to wider audiences, including Internet awareness. Some authors have a blog or website to promote and interact with readers and journalists. Each author's aspirations and capabilities provide opportunities to work with different marketing tactics -- some cutting-edge and others quite traditional. The marketing mix components are described in Bruce's own book, Book Marketing DeMystified.

Agio books are competitively priced in bookstores. As the author, you will earn a royalty percentage on book sales that is substantially higher than what you would receive from other publishing houses. You retain full copyright to the manuscript and to your subsequent writings – this is of great importance if your plan is to use Agio's production and marketing expertise as a springboard to selling future rights to a large publisher, film producer or other media company.

To be able to fully customize our service and work personally with each author, we generally accept no more than one or two new authors each month.

For more detail about being published through Agio Publishing House's collaborative publishing approach, please go to Services: Introduction

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