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Where does the name Agio come from?

It is pronounced like Ad-gee-oh with the emphasis on the gee, and the gee-oh shmushed together. It is a word related to the medieval business of exchanging paper money for metal coinage. An agio was the fee charged for exchanging an inferior type of money (script) for another type of money considered to have superior value (gold or silver coins). Today, authors hire Agio Publishing House to turn their raw manuscript into a beautifully published and marketed book.

In Greek, agio means holy or saintly. In Italian, agio means comfort or home. Apparently, agio is also Latin for I act. In old French (Provençal), agio means ease. In Afrikaans, Dutch and Finnish, an agio is a premium. We will treat you with respect and kindness. You can be confident and comfortable about having a fully professional and enjoyable experience when publishing your book at Agio Publishing House.

Agio Publishing House is a division of Trelawny Consulting Group Ltd., 100% owned by Bruce and Marsha Batchelor.

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Depending on the specific needs of your publishing project, we can access the expertise of a network of trusted technical specialists.

We thank you for inquiring, and we look forward to being of service to you.


As a professional publishing consultancy, we charge on a per-project basis, with pre-agreed budget, milestones and deliverables. All steps are scheduled in advance, and priced on a time & materials basis. Our base rate is $90 per hour for editing and design work.

What does it cost to have a book published? Of course that depends on the marketing mix and the amount of editing required. Each book, its author and his or her aspirations and budget are unique, and we tailor the production and marketing package accordingly. Full publishing projects range from $4,000 to $15,000 and beyond.

The cost to you for copies of your own book, and the suggested retail prices in bookstores are generally much lower than you would expect. This is possible due to special arrangements that Bruce has set up with key suppliers and distributors in North America and Europe.

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