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Mary-Jane Bateman and Bruce Fogel
Mary-Jane Bateman is a Reiki Master and Iridologist who loves to incorporate crystals into her healing work. Bruce Fogel is a machinist by trade and also a Reiki Master and Medium. Like many others, they are constantly striving to remember and re-awaken to the secret knowledge of the past. They love to travel and have lived in northland New Zealand, and several parts of Ontario, Canada. They now live in Duncan, BC, Canada with their daughter and son, blessed with numerous loving pets and a small orchard. You are invited to contact them through their website at www.KnowledgeOfOneness.com.

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Mary-Jane Bateman and Bruce Fogel share beautiful writings and inspiration received over the years through channelled correspondence with Guides, Angels, Holy Archangels and many other Beings of Divine Light. They are releasing this information at this exciting time of great planetary change to help others raise their vibration -- so we can all experience a smoother transition on humanity's return back to the third level of consciousness. This book is written to enlighten and awaken the spirit within.

"New areas of knowledge come to those when the time is right. So read with an open heart and mind. The great inner truth lies within." -- Melchizedek

"Bring Light into your heart each day as all miracles flow from this." -- Cameron, Guide and inspiration

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This is a book written from the heart. When all we hear about is a world in pain and turmoil, with little hope of recovery, this book brings us hope of a new regenerated world which we can be a part of. From the interesting life story of the authors, filled with channelling from angels, guides, the creator and more, to spiritual, intuitive, natural cures, and healthful living; the "Knowledge of Oneness" says it all. Everything living is bound together in Oneness.
Worthwhile Reading review in True Blue Spirit Magazine.

I have just finished your book, and found it very enjoyable and informative. Especially I am always interested in people who have similar interests to mine, though I must say you certainly have a much better handle on these teachings than I.
Thank you,
Ryan, Duncan, BC


From the Cowichan Valley Voice, review by Becky Black, "Local Authors Share Insights From Beyond":
It takes a great deal of courage to put one's experiences and words into the public realm. Sharing the "Knowledge of Oneness" is a measure of Mary-Jane Bateman and Brouce Fogel's faith in the universe... Written from the heart, in a very honest and straightforward fashion, the book sets out the insights from their various guides and angels (many with names familiar to a Judeo-Christian audience) so that others might also share the comfort they have found in these "letters"... What is striking about Bruce and Mary-Jane is how utterly down-to-earth their life sounds. Like many of us, the authors are deeply committed to living a life connected to the earth and family. Their experiences with channelling have also led them to seek greater connectedness with all of mankind... While this book may not be for everyone, it is a commendable effort on the part of two of the valley's own.


From Vista Magazine, issue 66, "Books that Inspire Healthy Living" by Michelle Kwon:
The authors of this book are reiki masters who are constantly striving to "re-awaken to the secret knowledge of the past." Though you may find it difficult to accept that they are guided by spirits to write its passages, you don't have to believe it to learn from the wise messages it provides... As a healer, Mary-Jane also discusses herbal remedies that she uses, detoxification, and the importance of spiritual healing for physical healing to occur.


From EAGLEye ONE magazine, review in issue 69:
Ordinary people called to do extraordinary things, Mary-Jane is a Reiki Master and Irodologist while Bruce is a machinist by trade and also a Reiki Master and Medium. Always striving to remember and re-awaken to the secret knowledge of the past, this is their way of sharing the wealth of information presented to them. This wonderful book shares beautiful writings and inspirations received over the years hrough channelled correspondence with Guides, Angels, Holy Archangels and many other Beings of Divine Light. For those looking for positive inspiration in their lives, this book will surely win you over.


From Rainbow News magazine, review in October/November '09 issue
Written from the heart, this remarkable book is a collection of personal experiences of the authors on their path to enlightenment. Their stories are woven together with enlightened messages and inspiration from 'beyond the veil' channelled over the years by guides, Angels, Holy Archangels and many other beings of Divine Light -- messages which have helped their family to achieve goals and stay connected... Knowledge of Oneness touches on so many different subjects -- UFOs, Atlantis, chakras, crystals, balancing male and female energy, raising our vibrations, ascension, healing tools, meditations, finding our gifts and much, much more. Well worth reading.



  • Knowledge of Oneness evening on Friday, February 18, 2011 at Positive Pathways: 40 Bellfarm Road, Barrie, Ontario at 7:30 pm.
  • Library appearance on May 27, 2009 for Knowledge of Oneness authors... Mary-Jane Bateman and Bruce Fogel, the wife-and-husband author team for Knowledge of Oneness: Letters of Enlightenment from Beyond the Veil, conducted a reading and discussion at the Vancouver Island Regional Library at 2687 James Street, Duncan, BC on May 27th from 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm. Their book has been featured in True Blue Sky magazine, and is now selling at bookstores in Vancouver, Duncan and Nanaimo.

To arrange to interview the authors, please contact us or go to www.KnowledgeOfOneness.com.

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