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Author Blaise Eagleheart lives in Victoria, B.C., where he is the owner and operator of Natural Movement Centre. He is an Integrated Movement Specialist, Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer. As someone who has always 'walked his own creative path,' Blaise became passionately aware of how the mind, body and emotions are functionally integrated and how they operate individually and collectively. He has openly shared his awareness with others to make the world a better place.

Blaise has always been a warrior, consciously confronting illusionary beliefs to find his own experiential truths. He physically trained as a fanatic throughout his twenties, challenging his self-imposed beliefs in order to find the endless possibilities of his creative movements through unorthodox training methods. He played and coached rugby at club, Island and Provincial levels, before immersing himself in the martial art of Chien Lung. He also studied Eastern healing arts and other energy-based disciplines. He then opened a dojo with his Teacher, where he taught biomechanics of movement and life skills, as well as martial art classes for children and adults. Blaise continues to incorporate this martial art philosophy in his work at Natural Movement Centre. Contact Blaise Eagleheart through www.NaturalMovementCentre.com.

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JOURNEY to the Inner Circle, and Beyond: One Man's Search for His True Self
Are you ready to fully connect with your own creatively unfolding inner truths? That challenge -- and opportunity -- confronts readers of Journey to the Inner Circle, and Beyond: One Man's Search for His True Self, a true story by noted trainer/coach/movement specialist Blaise Eagleheart.

In exploring the depths of Blaise's mid-1980s experiences, readers will be creatively moving through their own personal life journey. "These freeing inner worlds are the one common thread all Mankind has that will allow anyone to ascend to the higher aspects within the God Consciousness that they are," Blaise explains.

Be prepared to enter into a world of illusion, of feeling, of question, of sensitivity, of awareness, and of truth. Be open enough to seriously question the realities that exist and circulate within your current life concept and belief structure.

Blaise writes, "As I peeled the layers away, I knew that to find the answers I would have to give up my life to the intelligence that first consummated my life journey at the moment of my conception. The evolution of the journey from the outer world in Chapter 1 to the experience of my death in Chapter 11 -- my ideas, my questions, my insights and my knowledge -- all was transcribed to paper in the event I did not survive the journey. To find the truth I had to be willing to give up my existence, not intellectually, but emotionally, and through experience, not through words."

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  • Official Book Launch Event on April 14, 2009, at FrontRunners Store at Vancouver and View Streets, in Victoria BC, from 7 pm to 9 pm. Hear Blaise speak, have him autograph your copy, enjoy some wine and nibblies, all in the company of some amazingly fit people (and some aspiring to be so!).

To arrange an interview with the author, please contact him via the website www.naturalmovementcentre.com.

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