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In 1995, BRUCE BATCHELOR rocked the publishing industry when he invented print-on-demand (POD) publishing and triggered a landslide of new books from every country in the world. Since then, more than 1,000,000 writers have seized the opportunity to be published through services such as Agio, Author Services, Kindle Direct Publishing and many other publishing houses.

As a next step, Bruce has turned his attention to solving the rest of the puzzle: how self-publishing ("indie") authors can be successful in SELLING their books in cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly ways.

Bruce was CEO of Trafford Publishing for 11 years, and is now owner/publisher at Agio Publishing House in Victoria, BC, Canada. A bestselling author and management consultant, Bruce speaks at writers conferences and universities.

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About The Book - Book Marketing DeMystified

Do you want to sell more books? BOOK MARKETING DEMYSTIFIED is the first book ever to thoroughly explain the rather bizarre intricacies of book selling and marketing, while providing an easy-to-follow template for deciding WHICH promotional tactics are best for you, your resources and your situation.

Written by Bruce Batchelor, inventor of print-on-demand publishing and publisher to thousands of authors from more than 100 countries, this book is based on 10 months of interviews with industry insiders and bestselling indie (self-publishing) authors who have used iUniverse, Xlibris, Trafford, Lulu and other services. Learn how some have sold up to one million copies. Each author reveals the hits and misses of book marketing where innovation and clever choices bring best results and satisfaction.

From the media release ...

"I interviewed over 100 authors and industry experts to determine the best marketing practices and the leading edge ideas," says Bruce Batchelor. "The authors were wonderfully frank, making it clear which tactics really didn't work and which had given them solid payback for their time and money invested."

Book Marketing DeMystified is an entertaining read, with each aspect of book marketing explained using delightful anecdotes from indie authors. Many of these authors have sold tens of thousands of books in very creative ways. One, Peter Knight of Sechelt, BC, has sold over 1,000,000 copies of Electrical Code Simplified without selling any in bookstores or online -- his book is only available at hardware and electrical supply stores.

"This is a wonderful era for indie authors," says Batchelor. "So many very effective, low-cost marketing tactics are available. For example, an audio book edition can be recorded by the author using any Mac or PC with a good microphone, then broadcast as podcast episodes to promote the printed version. A video trailer, as might appear on YouTube, is also relatively simple to home produce."

In writing this book, the author drew on his experience as Chief Executive at Trafford Publishing for its first 11 years, which gave him unparalleled access to top executives across the book industry. Before founding Trafford, he was a journalist, magazine editor, management consultant and bestselling author.

Batchelor has organized the book's chapters to reflect his 14 Ps of marketing: purpose/passion, product or service, place, price, positioning, promotions, etc. He urges each author to draw up a 14-P marketing plan that includes a socially responsible 'triple-bottom-line' of profits, people and the planet.

As a pioneer of the print-on-demand process whereby each copy is printed individually after a customer buys it, it is no surprise that Batchelor comes down strongly against the book trade's typical 'returnable' book terms whereby a bookstore can order copies essentially on a risk-free, 90-day consignment basis.

"A handful of misguided large purchases by a major bookstore chain... can bankrupt a smaller publisher. The typical percentage of returned books, depending on the genre, can be between 40% and 80% of the print run!

"This shocking waste is harmful to the environment, wasting trees and fossil fuels in printing and then trucking the books all around the continent between warehouses and retail stores and back again. Making paper is the world's second largest industrial user of fresh water, and the publishing industry is squandering that precious, limited resource.

"Returnability raises the cost and retail price for those copies that are sold. The only businesses to benefit are printing and shipping companies... In this era of climate change and widespread environmental concern, it is inexcusable to blatantly overprint."

Batchelor urges authors to sell their books to bookstores only on non-returnable terms, and emphasizes the opportunities to sell to niche audiences outside the book trade. "Figure out where your target audience will be, whether that is a website or an event, and be there," he advises.

The release of Book Marketing DeMystified signals the opening of Agio Publishing House (www.agiopublishing.com), a new venture by Batchelor and his wife Marsha Batchelor, a veteran book designer. Unlike the large publishing services that process hundreds of new titles per month, Agio will focus on personal attention to two or three new authors each month. Agio's office is in Victoria, BC, Canada.

In 2006 Bruce Batchelor was appointed a Quantum Shift Fellow at Richard Ivey School of Business as one of Canada's outstanding entrepreneurs. He also serves as a mentor for students at University of Victoria's School of Business.

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  • ISBN 978-1897435-00-7 trade paperback English language (see Amazon.com link below, also featured at Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk)
  • ISBN 978-1897435-02-1 eBook edition as a downloadable PDF at www.lulu.com/content/1342573
  • eBook edition (available through Lulu.com)
  • ISBN 978-1897435-04-5 trade paperback German language, with title "Buchmarketing ohne Geheimnisse"



Midwest Book Review wrote this 5-star review of Bruce Batchelor's Book Marketing DeMystified [ISBN 9781897435007]:

One of the best of these marketing manuals is "Book Marketing DeMystified" by Bruce Batchelor, the man who founded Trafford (Canadian based and one of the larger POD companies servicing North America) and is widely acknowledged as the creator of the print-on-demand (POD) publishing process that has shattered the book publishing monopoly of the traditional publishing firms by allowing anyone to easily become their own publisher.

This 167-page compendium of practical advice offers an especially 'user friendly' introduction to the art and science of book marketing because of its conversational style, its comprehensive coverage of book marketing issues, and Bruce Batchelor's unique perspective.

"Book Marketing DeMystified" is especially useful in terms of its discussion of where to sell books, price/value setting, personal sales, paid advertising, sales promotions, publicity and public relations. Simply stated, every author and every small press publisher needs to have a competent marketing plan -- and Bruce Batchelor's "Book Marketing DeMystified" specifically and effectively addresses that need.


  • March 13, 2008 Pacific Festival of the Book, Victoria, BC. Workshop on book marketing
  • July 17, 2008 PubWorks Workshop, Simon Fraser University's Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing

To arrange for Bruce Batchelor to speak at your event, please contact us. More details and sample interviews in our Speakers Bureau pages.

About The Author of NIne Dog Winter - Bruce T. Batchelor

Though he'd lived in the Yukon for five years, the author's unfulfilled dream was to spend a winter in a remote wilderness cabin with a woman he loved, training dog teams and making long expeditions. When he teamed up with backcountry ranger Marsha McGillis in 1980, the (mis)adventures could begin!

Bruce Batchelor came to the Yukon in 1973, planning to stay just long enough to earn money for a trip to Europe. Instead, he fell in love with the wilderness and its people, and stayed for most of the next eight years. He has written three books about his stay in the North. Marsha McGillis, heroine of Nine Dog Winter, agreed to marry him in 1983. Their son, Dan, was born in 1992. They live in Victoria, BC, with a white lab-husky cross named Tyhee Too in honour of the Tyhee in this story. Bruce and Marsha own Agio Publishing House, where he edits and directs marketing, while Marsha designs the books and Dan takes photos.

About The Book - Nine Dog Winter

Nine Dog Winter: Winter camping with sled dogs in Canada's Yukon by Bruce T. Batchelor is a true story, about two young Canadians who recruit nine mismatched huskies, and head out camping in the Yukon as the temperature plunges to Sixty-Eight Below.

Follow this 1980-'81 winter adventure of a young couple intent on recreating the classic Yukon pioneer lifestyle.

Includes dozens of photographs, maps and diagrams, plus complete instructions for building toboggans, harnesses, moccasins and other traditional winter camping equipment.

Hundreds of tips gathered from native and white trappers, pioneers and others who live and thrive in the Northern bush.

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David Pettigrew, filmmaker, adventurer and sourdough:

"A real page turner. I couldn't wait to see what was around the next bend in the trail as I raced through this delightful read. An instant classic about Canada's North as experienced by two plucky southerners."


  • We're planning a launch befitting the book's subject matter. You might need a warm parka to attend!

To arrange for Bruce Batchelor to speak at your event, please contact us. More details and sample interviews in our Speakers Bureau pages.

About The Book - Dog Team to Dawson

Dog Team to Dawson is a nostalgic collection of true Yukon stories written by bestselling author Bruce Batchelor. A Quest for the Cosmic Bannock is the account of two young people travelling by dog team, tackling a long-abandoned Gold Rush era route while wrestling with thoughts about their own destinies. Cost-Plus illustrates how greed and modern equipment cannot trump Nature - unless one is very lucky. In Trapping the Mad Trapper, Batchelor mines a 1932 account by Old Crow nurse Helen Thornthwaite to reveal how Yukoners played the major roles in stopping Albert Johnson's escape attempt. Love Story for Lucy is a tender tribute to the bond between man and dog.

Dog Team to Dawson is the prequel to Bruce Batchelor's Nine Dog Winter, providing readers of that classic account with earlier adventures into the heart and soul of the Yukon Territory.

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