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Bud Carroll
Bud Carroll was born in Victoria, BC, but he lived most of his life in other parts of Canada: Eastern and Northern Ontario, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Manitoba. He has been interested in science and metaphysics since childhood. His openness to the existence of spirit worlds has heightened his awareness of the psychic events that have occurred throughout his life. After working in computer sciences for thirty years he retired to investigate science and spirituality to see what physical evidence could be found to substantiate the existence of higher spiritual planes. He attributes his journey of discovery to the wise direction of his spirit guides and continues to study science, clairvoyance and physical mediumship. Bud Carroll now lives in Sidney, BC and may be contacted at walkingthethirdpath@gmail.com.

The Third Path
Breaching the Materialistic Wall - Grow in Spiritual Awareness of Life Here and Hereafter

This book will change your life if you let it.

If we are accidental beings on a remote planet in a vast universe, existing for merely a blip in cosmic time, what's the point of living at all? Until we learn life is too significant to be a short-lived brilliance that rises out of nothing and ends in nothing, we will continue to live out our lives in, what Thoreau saw as, quiet desperation. We sense the materialistic wall when we ask the question, "Is that all there is?" Without resorting to miracles or magic, this book provides compelling evidence of life beyond the physical world by logically investigating the limitations of matter in the universe, by examining the gaps in scientific theories and by analyzing what the mystics already know about a spiritual existence.

It takes a dedicated seeker with no preconceived ideas and no intent on arriving to see beyond the materialistic wall. This book is intended to expand your awareness of life here and hereafter, hopefully providing the spark that will start you on your own personal pilgrimage. The mystics tell us we will be guided to the next step along our spiritual path when we are ready. Are you ready?

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  • "When I finished reading this book, all I could say was WOW! What a stunning piece of literary work... It is concise, brilliantly written, backed by scientific findings, with clear human logic and intelligence. If this doesn't awaken the masses to delve into who and what they truly are, I can't imagine what will."
    ~ Jerry Issa, teacher of metaphysics, Trenton, Michigan


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