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Carl Mawby
Carl Mawby, who assembled this manual, disclaims the title of author, preferring to give the credit to the experts at some of the most reliable and trusted sources in the world who public-spiritedly permitted inclusion of their data and advice. Mawby is an analyst and strategist who, after gaining experience as a British soldier and logistician, Canadian public servant, and US and Canadian business exec, became a preeminent international marketing guru.

Upon retiring, he was unable to find a publication comprehensively addressing threats to his new life as a senior and retiree. So he applied his skills in searching private company and government publications, libraries and data-banks to find and assemble the best advice available. Friends checking his notes requested copies, and over the next ten years this manual was born.

About Safety & Security for the Over-55s

Those of us who are about or over 55 should take safety and security seriously because we have something to lose - loved ones, life, health, money and possessions - and aging brings increasing vulnerability to crime, accidents at home and elsewhere, bad health and disasters (natural or man-made):

  • We are targets for criminals because we may have savings and possessions acquired in a lifetime of work, could have mellowed with the years or be too trusting, and some will be uninformed, gullible, or careless.
  • We are particularly vulnerable to bad health because our resistance to heat, cold and some disease weakens, and even a slight hearing, sight, memory or balance problem can cause or worsen accidents.
  • Accidents and disasters can have a more dramatic effect on us because we are not as quick, agile or robust as we were, we don't bounce as well(!) and are less able to recover from serious damage or loss.

Easy to read, Safety & Security for the Over-55s describes and assesses dangers facing all those over 55 years of age, showing how they are targeted and outlining safety measures. Part 1, The Printed Guidebook identifies and analyses the range of threats ranging from muggings to home invasion, scams to identity theft, and accidents to disasters, also discussing 'Looking After the Grandkids', 'That +!#@ Driving Question', and 'Coping With Aging'. It also help you ensure that, when you eventually pass on, your possessions go where you want them to go with minimum taxation and administrative expense. Much of the material brought together is basic. Indeed much, although not all, can be found in a variety of existing publications or sites on the Internet (many identified in the manual) but swift, indexed availability in one document, with many practical examples, is extremely helpful.

Recognizing that our memory can become less efficient as we age, Mawby has created numerous memory aid lists. A password is provided in the printed manual to the website for Part 2, The Memory Aid. Copies can be printed off for repeated use, including lists of actions to help readers ensure safety at home and out, precautions to take when coping with the loss or illness of a partner, preventing harm or the loss or theft of money or possessions when traveling locally or overseas, and surviving emergencies.

Although initially prepared for his own use, Carl Mawby's unique and comprehensive reference manual provides a sound basis for all those at this stage of life to plan and as far as possible ensure safe and happy 'senior' years.

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