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Born in England with a very active imagination and thirst for adventure, Christine emigrated alone to Australia at the age of 20. There in the outback she met a special someone who later became her husband and father of her two children. Christine is now retired, living on Vancouver Island.

Besides the KODI Trilogy, she has also written a novel based on her youthful adventures (think of it as Bridget Jones fumbles through the Australian outback) called Butterfly under a pseudonym.

About The Book

Valley of the Misty Mountain: Book One of the Kodi Trilogy
When eight-year-old Kodi leaves his coastal village for a hike up Misty Mountain with his grandfather, he imagines they might be back before nightfall. But this is no ordinary journey, and certainly Gardon, his grandfather, is no ordinary person!

In Valley of the Misty Mountain, the first book of this exciting trilogy, Kodi and Gardon join with Jalu – another 'ancient wise one' and friend to Gardon – and his grandson Kalu. Together, the four must use the Four Lessons and a little magic to escape from a marauding tribe led by the brutal Alcock.

The Kodi Trilogy is a coming-of-age journey in which the title character encounters learning situations on his path to becoming 'the one.'

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  • Stay tuned for a featured launch on Wattpad.com in the autumn of 2010.

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