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G Michael Smith was born, raised and still lives on Vancouver Island on Canada's magical west coast. He began writing as a teenager and dreamed of doing it full-time. Now retired from decades of teaching (mostly English and Drama) he has been prolific to say the least. He has completed a trilogy of sci-fi novels to launch "The Forevers" series featuring Jayne Wu - Fixer 13, Master Fixer and Impostor. He will soon add another novel to "The Forevers" series titled "Omie 17" featuring Pandora Rau.

He has written and illustrated The Adventures of Bernie the Banana Slug, a book adults will enjoy as they read it to their children. He hopes it will stimulate discussions of the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest.

He has also completed a young adult adventure novel titled A Beechwood Adventure - Hijacked. G Michael Smith is also a poet and will soon be publishing a collection of his poems.

Previous to writing novels, his main creative outlet was theatre for young people. He has written and directed festival-winning plays. He and his wife are enthusiastic pickleball players; they have three adult daughters.

Introducing The Forevers series - FIXER 13 (Book One)

On a future Earth doomed by an approaching meteor field, the destiny of humankind hangs in the balance. Can astroid-size escape vessels be readied to colonize distant planets?

Jayne Wu, a brilliant and inexplicably-lucky 13-year-old, wants only to leave the Nursery, study to be a Technical Electrical Mechanical Fixer and become part of the great adventure. And, of course, play GravBall. But Jayne's mind is extraordinary and she soon attracts attention from the criminal Consortium, the Sentinels, the World Police and the Forevers - a cabal of ultra-rich who will subvert society's colonization plans to their own diabolical ends. They all want to use her. In order to survive Jayne must decide whom to trust.

No matter what Jayne does, danger seems to find her, and death is no stranger to those around her. While Spike and Rafferty are vying for her romantic attention, Jayne must battle literally inside her own mind with two diabolical sociopaths. Definitely not your typical teenager growing up!

Master Fixer (Book Two)

Now 16 years old, Jayne Wu is working as a fixer on Biome 3, a thoroughly inhospitable environment. She is just starting to feel she can serve her world through advancing in her chosen profession. Her friend, Poppy Greenway, has kept her safe but that is all about to change. The Consortium crime syndicate is plotting to abduct her.

Jayne Wu is a young woman alone in a cold society that is preoccupied with developing tech to escape the approaching Swarm meteor field. Danger seems to find her, and death is no stranger to those around her. Is she lucky - or jinxed? How long can she evade the Forevers?

Impostor (Book Three)

Whose mind is in whose body? Seventeen-year-old Jayne Wu is literally battling inside her own mind against Dr. Winter Bancroft, evil neuroscientist of The Forevers. Jayne has Poppy Greenway and the Sentinels on her side - but can they really counter the Consortium and the Forevers?

Spike and Rafferty are both vying for her romantic attention, but who has time for men when the future of humankind is on the line? Jayne becomes the ultimate impostor, diving ever deeper into danger, trying to destroy the Forevers and lure the sociopathic Dr. William Thurston into the open to capture him. If she fails it could jeopardize mankind's plan for survival and certainly her own.

Omie 17 (Book Four)

Pandora Rao is a seventeen-year-old girl with a very special mind. She is living on one of the many orbiting asteroid biome ships preparing to travel to the stars to save mankind from extinction. She is happy and plans to become a scientist studying the flora and fauna of her home asteroid until her father surprises her on her seventeenth birthday. The surprise horrifies Pandora.

So begins an adventure that takes her from her orbiting asteroid home to the planet below and back again. Pandora discovers that both she and her little brother are the target of the most insidious and evil of The Forevers who want to destroy their minds and take over their bodies. Can Pandora survive? Can she thwart the Forevers' diabolical plans?

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The Accidental Adventures of Bernie the Banana Slug

Bernie the Banana Slug lives under a strawberry patch, but now he is lost in the forest. He makes new friends who will help him find his way home.

Look for more adventures of Bernie the Banana Slug and his friends, written & illustrated by G. Michael Smith.

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  • 5-Star Review of Fixer 13 by Kim Anisi of Readers' Favorite
    Fixer 13 by G. Michael Smith is one of those rare books that you can't separate yourself from. I lead a very busy life, but finished the novel in just two days. I was immediately drawn into the life of Thirteen, who might just be 13 years old, but definitely feels more mature than some adults. I really like her and we probably would be good friends in real life. I also liked the way the biomes were described, and how they have such diverse environments. I am sure it would be very interesting to read about the other biomes and visit them with Thirteen in one of the sequels of the series. The plot was exciting and you will be worried about what will happen next - let me tell you one thing: there aren't happy endings for everyone, which I love because "happily ever after" is just for cheesy fairy tales. I prefer the bitter-sweet moments that show more of a realistic side. This novel offered great escape from real life for a few hours, and I definitely would recommend it to fans of the genre.

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