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John Groshell was born in Chicago and raised in North Bend, WA. After five years of teaching, he became a golf pro and made his way through PGA schools to become a PGA Professional. John ended up owning Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course in Fall City, WA. Upon retirement he and his wife Liz bought a house in Ocean Shores, WA. John still has his house in Fall City close to his golf course.

About the Book

Confessions of a Wee Poison PGA Golf Pro

"If you don't get some laughs from this book, you might want to become a mortician." - Johnny G.

John Groshell loved sports, dogs and making people laugh. But if you think you've had challenges, you should see all that was thrown at him. For starters, on Father's Day after John's high school graduation, his family went "Kaboom!" with his father's shotgun blast.

Never liking school much, John nonetheless became a teacher and taught for five years. Many of the students he taught and coached said he should be a comedian or have a talk show on TV. John was especially effective with those labeled as misfits or hard-to-teach.

Loving sports, John became a golf pro and worked his way to PGA membership which took two PGA schools and passing a playing test. Within a year he bought 20 per cent of a riverside golf course and 20 years later, he owned 100 per cent. With amazing help from its members, the course has survived five devastating floods.

This book includes the best of John's wacky adventures, crazy bets, failures and successes. John Groshell has pretty much pushed the envelope throughout his life. Let the tears and laughter begin...

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