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Georgina Tooley was born in Sylvan Lake, Alberta on January 29, 1933, the unexpected last of five children. While friends called her "Jo," her boyfriend Bob quickly changed the male-sounding nickname to "Joy!" Following a short career in banking and then marriage in 1954, Joy became the fun-loving but wise counsellor to both family and friends.

Wanting a girl in their family after three boys, the Gartshores adopted two baby girls to complete their family and Joy then maintained an even balance between family and outside life, swimming, learning French, travelling (at times on the hard jump-seat behind pilot Bob or navigating beside him in the truck pulling their trailer) and her many church activities.

Joy loved her Creator and the life He gave her and passed quickly into His loving arms on June 2, 2016.

About The Book

From Here & Nowhere: Musings of a Joyous Spirit

Several years ago, Joy Gartshore was asked to write a "back page" for her church's quarterly newsletter "The Joyful Noise" and so she began writing "as the spirit moved," calling her page "From Here and Nowhere." She also wrote popular articles for the Victoria Power Squadron newsletter. Following her death in 2016, her family thought it would be interesting to collect her thoughts for enjoyment by a wider audience and hence this modest book.

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To arrange an interview with the late author's husband, please contact Bob Gartshore directly at 250-477-8613 or bobshore@shaw.ca.

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