About the Author

Kathleen Ann Kelly is a retired nurse midwife, psychologist and author of the self-help book, The Tornadoes We Create. She lives on Vancouver Island on Canada$s west coast.

About the Book

Where Dogs Dwell: A Nun's Solidarity as a Nurse Midwife in South America in the Turbulent 1970s and '80s

This memoir opens with Sister Kathleen Ann Kelly working in a Santiago hospital at the beginning of the violent overthrow of President Salvador Allende's Chilean government. It then flashes back to this young Canadian nun's first assignment as a domestic in the Archbishop's house in Liverpool, England - where she experienced Elizabethan-era opulence and manners. Thereafter she transports the reader to Northern and Southern Peru and into the high Andes where she worked for nearly twenty years as a nurse midwife. Chapters brim with passionate encounters in culture, history, poverty, politics, liberation theology and terrorism. This book will inspire readers to live authentically.

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