About the Author

Naiyf Saud holds a BSc in Economics, a MSc in Mathematics and Statistics, a MSc in Astrophysics, and he is currently completing his PhD in Physics.

About The Book

Scienatics is a book between mathematics and philosophy. Scholar Naiyf Saud offers a theory to treat science systematically. 

The previous efforts to investigate this topic failed to capture the essence of science. Dictionaries are full of definitions that do not describe the nature of science accurately. Even the treatment of science in philosophy is immature and requires careful development. The nature of numbers and their roles along with the distinction between science, pseudoscience and fantasy, have to be established clearly. The common perception is the illusive judgment that number is "the" language of science. However, according to the well-established propositions in this book, number is just "a" language of science. This book elevates the treatment of science to a new level that constitutes in itself a new science.

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