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Rick Butler
Writer and hotel entrepreneur Rick Butler was raised in a Mountie household in small town Nova Scotia. He attended university in Ontario and England. He is the author of three books and numerous short stories. Two stories from THE MOUNTIE IN THE HOUSE were recently published by prestigious literary journals. In previous lives, Rick was a radio and TV announcer and producer, Hollywood screenwriter, and university professor. Rick is the founding owner of The World Famous Hotel California in Santa Monica and San Francisco (www.hotelca.com). He maintains residences in California, Manhattan and Nova Scotia, where he lives with his wife and a trio of furry friends.

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The Mountie in the House and Other Stories

From growing up in a Canadian Mountie household to writing Hollywood screenplays, debut short story writer Rick Butler has mined his real-life experiences for THE MOUNTIE IN THE HOUSE AND OTHER STORIES.

Among the 14 quirky, often-humorous tales, a seven-year-old boy watches his Mountie father pursue justice in their small town. A Venice Beach murder victim pursues her killer from the other side. An escaped convict and a young screenwriter light out for old Mexico in pursuit of a hit movie. A disgruntled wedding guest disrupts a million dollar ceremony. A visiting student falls in with a rollicking cast of eccentrics in Brighton, UK. A screenwriter teams with Michael Jackson to pitch a movie plot to the biggest studios...

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  • Leo Furey, author of The Long Run:
    "These are lively, insightful and highly entertaining stories from a promising new fiction writer. Prime reading for lovers of vivid, fast-paced fiction."
  • Chip Conley, author of Emotional Equations and Peak:
    "Rick Butler's short story collection is the ideal travel companion."
  • Paul Brothers (Host, Global TV Morning News Halifax):
    "[Rick Butler] may be the most interesting man in the world."
  • Phonse Jessome (Host, CBC Radio Information Morning):
    "This is a very interesting book!"
  • Jordi Morgan (Host, 95.7 Maritime Morning News Radio):
    "[Rick Butler's The Mountie in the House] is an exploration of his life through short stories--and an interesting life at that!"
  • Jodi DeLong (Reviewer, The Halifax Chronicle Herald):
    "In The Mountie in the House and Other Stories, Butler has created a fine collection of memorable characters and tales. Let's hope we hear more from this delightful storyteller soon."
  • Danny Joseph (Essayist, Truro Daily News):
    "...The characters in each story...jump out of the page and into your psyche. Its perfect companion is a wonderful wine, a quiet backyard where you can privately speak to yourself, and a wide open heart."
  • Doug Panero (Amazon.com, Manhattan):
    "...These sparkling stories are populated with characters you certainly won't find in central casting, all brought instantly and brilliantly to life. Butler has them careening off of one another to great effect. Hold on. You're in for quite a ride."
  • John Sifton (Humour Writer, Ottawa, Ontario):
    "This is the real thing - 14 well-crafted short stories that sing. Off-the-wall, moving, occasionally sentimental and often wildly funny, the stories take you on a rollicking ride from small-town Nova Scotia to upper-class Rosedale to a working-class neighbourhood in Brighton to the outer dimensions of Hollywood sleaze and California weird. Rick Butler's wonderfully off-kilter fictional lens brings us into the lives of small-town Mounties, petty thieves, struggling lovers, earnest children, monstrous egos, mothers on the cusp of suicide, up-scale and down-scale grifters, a murderer and even his victim's ghost, all cracking jokes, complaining and arguing as they...wrestle with life in all its unfair and bizarre richness. These are large-hearted stories that never fail to entertain. Read them."
  • Sylvia Frances (Amazon.ca, Nova Scotia):
    "Fine storytelling, often with a surprising twist... With 25 years of editing under my belt, I have to say this is among the best and most entertaining copy-editing jobs I have ever had."


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