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Robert Pereira
Dr. Robert Bernard Pereira received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of British Columbia in 1986 and went on to complete his medical degree at UBC in 1990. A certifi cant of the Canadian College of Family Physicians (CCFP), he has completed two years of postgraduate medical training in the Department of Health Care and Epidemiology at UBC, working towards a Master of Health Science degree (MHSc).

Dr. Pereira is currently pursuing accreditation with both the American Board and Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (ABAM and CSAM). He holds licenses to prescribe methadone to treat opiate addiction and chronic pain and is one of the few physicians in BC who is licensed to prescribe Suboxone for the treatment of opiate addiction.

Dr. Pereira has recently completed a mentorship program at the Liver and Intestinal Research Centre (LAIR) in Vancouver under the pupilage of Dr. Frank H. Anderson. Dr. Pereira will soon be undertaking a mentorship program in HIV-coinfection.

A creature of darkness I have been.
This I have not understood but now accept
Light, many things it is
An end to the darkness it cannot bring
Of darkness is borne the light. 
           -- Robert B. Pereira

About Faces of Dual Diagnosis: A Canadian Perspective

Studies reveal that about 1 in every 350 people (perhaps 90,000 Canadians) are affected by both mental health problems and addictions -- a condition referred to as "dual diagnosis" or DD. Although the impacts on society are considerable -- on our health system's resources; on our legal and social welfare programs; on employers, friends, neighbours and family; and on the individual him or herself -- remarkably little has been written in the popular media about this widespread problem. There is also inadequate awareness and training within the health, legal and social welfare systems, contends physician Robert B. Pereira, who specializes in treatment of DD clients.

In Faces of Dual Diagnosis: A Canadian Perspective, Pereira explains the various types of mental illnesses and addictions which typically are found in DD. He discusses treatment regimes and offers case studies, based on real patient profiles, to demonstrate his contention that the most successful approach includes a holistic examination and treatment of the client's mental, physical and spiritual health. Pereira discusses his own life path and then presents a case for the creation of a Canadian Center for Policy Research on Dual Diagnosis. Dozens of DD-related resources are listed in the appendix.

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About Reflections Of Dual Diagnosis: A Canadian Perspective

The sequel to Faces of Dual Diagnosis
With Foreword by Joseph Eliezer

In Reflections of Dual Diagnosis: A Canadian Perspective, the follow-up to his 2011 book, Faces of Dual Diagnosis, Dr. Robert Pereira reflects on his own life path, discusses treatment approaches and offers case studies.

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