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Tom Morison
Tom Morison is an economist by training, receiving a doctorate degree from Franz Joseph University in Innsbruck, Austria. He was an investor by occupation, but his real love is writing about and painting the images from a life of travel and adventure around the world. He has written three previous books: POUNCE, a financial satire; THE GATE OF MISTS, a climbing mystery; and 13.2, a parody on aging. And now, IN SEARCH OF HER AYAH.

About The Book

IN SEARCH OF HER AYAH is a story of shifting emotions and responses -- lust and desire; betrayal and revenge; mystery and adventure; and love and trust -- as told through the eyes and the strokes of a paint brush of four individuals with vastly different backgrounds and perspectives. This sad and happy story is played out across the world: from the tranquil remnants of a once bustling town on the coast of Oregon, to the peaceful beauty and charm of Victoria, in the steaming heat and poverty of India, in the metaphysical world of the wonders and magic and tragedy of Tibet, in the towering Himalayas, and finally in a transplanted French chateau near Portland.

"Although the main characters of Tom Morison's epic novel are fictional, they could have lived. The Oregon village of Beaver is a composite of existing coastal towns with their boisterous past. The poor throngs of India are all too real -- drivers do play chicken on the narrow roads. There is a little temple high above Gangtok where once a Buddhist artist painted wild and beautiful scenes on the interior's walls. And the tragic story of Tibet is all too well known. IN SEARCH OF HER AYAH rings true."
-- Bruce Batchelor, publisher

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To arrange an interview with the author, please contact Tom directly at t.mori6815@shaw.ca.

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