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Tom Rippon and Graham Kemp, editors
Written by Eric Abitbol, Quassy Adjapawn, Laura Balbuena Gonzalez, Alan Breakspear, Rosemary Cairns, Michael Canares, Les Chipperfield, Dale Christenson, Roy Cullen, Douglas Fry, Roger Girouard, Peter Gizewski, Graham Kemp, Barbara Alice Mann, Moses Muthoki, Mary-Anne Neal, Tom Rippon, Susanne Thiessen, Serge Vidalis, and Maria Eugenia Villarreal, with foreword by Terrance Power.

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This book published in cooperation with Avalon Institute Inc.

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Governance and Security as a Unitary Concept

World leaders have not been able to find solutions to the growing problem of global insecurity associated with failed governance in many regions. Governance and Security As A Unitary Concept is the first compilation of contemporary commentaries to examine governance and security together -- as a singular concept. This is the potency of its design.

Governance and Security As A Unitary Concept presents diverse issues affecting the inter-relationship of governance and security, and how these issues influence decision-making in a global context. Themed sections offer an overlap of perspectives and theories. Specific chapters examine strengths and weaknesses of nation-states in their governance and security, reflecting on nation-states and their institutions regarded as 'failed' or 'sustainable.'

Governance in modern human affairs determines action or gridlock, wealth or penury, peace or conflict, health or illness, progress or arrested development. By security, one does not mean just physical security but also human, environmental, economic, resource and cultural security.

This scholarly collection of essays examines multi-faceted issues and begins a dialogue which goes beyond the Eurocentric and U.S. perspectives that have dominated the literature to date. Twenty contributing authors from six continents present emic viewpoints; some topics, such as such as education and policing are confined within the contemporary borders of the nation-state, while other are trans-border, including trafficking in children and organized crime.

Governance and Security As A Unitary Concept is the beginning of a discourse on governance and security as a unitary concept rather than two complementary yet separate entities. The construct of the book is an innovative way of approaching the multi-dimensional attributes of governance and security. The strength and virtue of the book is the diversity and overlapping perspectives of the authors, looking in, from within.

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  • This edited book is an eminently readable and understandable work on two very important subjects of national and international concern featuring solid contributions from productive practitioners. While we all may think we are knowledgeable about the necessity for corruption to be absent from private and institutional governance, this book explores the subject in such breadth and depth as to enlarge any future consideration. The oft-unrecognized and little-discussed interrelationship between intelligence (charmingly described in the book as "foresight") and governance is outlined so well that intelligence, security and governance must henceforth be considered together as a seamless triangle. This is an excellent book which I highly recommend for university and advanced high school students.
    -- Alex Morrison, CD MSc MA, Founding President, Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, Former Director, School of Peace and Conflict Studies, Royal Roads University
  • This edited book is a novel approach to examining the many dependencies and inter-dependencies of governance and security in a global context. The thesis introduces the need for a new approach and a new understanding that decision making on major issues relating not just to physical security but human, environmental, economic, resource and cultural security all need to find solutions within an agreed or common understanding of these interdependencies.
    The groundwork for understanding the thesis is based on Royal Roads University professor Roger Girouard's Featured Essay which is based in part on his experiences as Commander of the Joint Canadian Contingent on the UN Integrated Mission in East Timor. He is followed by nineteen academics and practitioners, from around the world who write on widely diverse topics such as State-Caused Ethnic Conflict; Gender, State and Security; Adaptive Water Governance; Policing and Governance; Harmony and Order and Good Governance for a More Secure World. No matter what the topic, they all relate their articles back to Girouard's introductory essay calling for a better understanding of Governance and Security. This is an important new work for use by graduate and undergraduate students as well as national decision-makers alike.
    -- Vice Admiral (ret'd) Gary L. Garnett, CMM CD, Former Vice Chief of the Canadian Defence Staff
  • This book is indeed timely and interesting from both an academic and practitioner's view point. I regret that I could not contribute as one of the authors.
    -- Adeolu Ade Adewumi, Principal Consultant, 4Solutions Multi-Consult (4SM), Conflict and Security Management, Nigeria
  • Anyone interested in governance and security issues will gain new insights when reading this edited volume. Scholars from a number of different contexts share their reflections and experiences of promoting and practicing governance. Scholars and practitioners of environmental security, gender security, food security and peacebuilding will read and re-read this book.
    -- Rebecca Spence, PhD, Faculty, University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia Peaceworks Pty Ltd
  • This fascinating collection of articles explores the transformative changes that would be needed if governance and security were to be defined in terms of the communities they affect rather than by Hobbesian rulers. It is an enlightening, thought-provoking set of papers, raising challenging questions.
    -- Hugh Miall, PhD, Professor of International Relations at the University of Kent, Previously, Director of the Richardson Institute for Peace Studies at Lancaster University, Established author in Peace and Conflict Studies; his latest book is Contemporary Conflict Resolution, with Oliver Ramsbottom and Ton Woodhouse.
  • The contributors to Governance and Security as a Unitary Concept, and orchestra conductors Rippon and Kemp, have provided a compelling and interesting analysis of Girouard's "complex and murky" subject -- governance and security as a unitary concept. As a senior police officer who has served in United Nations missions and as a current international private security practitioner, this work aided me to reconcile long-rooted ideas acquired through my own international service in public and private security. This book provides important information which causes one to reflect on the ethics associated with the current state of security in the world today. Hats off to the professionals who have contributed to this anthology; it makes a solid contribution to academia -- future practitioners -- and to those of us who are currently practicing in the field.
    -- Superintendent Len Babin, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Ret'd), Canadian Government Envoy to the Presidential Police Reform Commission of Guatemala 2011-12, President, Primoris Associates Inc., a foremost international corporate security consultancy


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