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Born with a strong desire to help restore harmony to body, mind and soul, Vivien Muir even as a child had an insatiable interest in how the body worked. She confidently shared her theories with the local family physician beginning at the age of eight. It was the book "The Tao of Physics" that delighted her curious mind and moved her beyond the learned constraints of western medicine.

She began to seek out complementary modalities and explore the power that our consciousness and beliefs have upon our reality and overall health. Her chiropractic training, along with her studies of craniosacral therapy and osteopathy, led to the development of a unique therapeutic approach: working with cellular memory, restoring harmony to the entire person and empowering people with the tools to create well-being.

Through observation in her practice as a health professional, Vivien began decoding the language of the Inner Wisdom that exists within each individual. This amazing healing power coordinates trillions of cells every instant and interfaces with the intelligence of the universal field of all of Life. You can ask your own Inner Wisdom to address specific issues and, as it understands everything about you on all levels, it is extraordinary what can be accomplished. Vivien has had the privilege of witnessing countless inspiring moments of self-healing throughout her many years of clinical practice.

Vivien believes educating ourselves and our children to connect with our Inner Wisdom will trigger a cascade of positive change in innumerable ways, across this planet and beyond. She has developed self-healing techniques for children and adults to create health on many levels, and begins sharing her knowledge here, in her first children's book.

You may contact Dr. Vivien at EmmaandGolden@proton.me

Emma and Golden and the Inner Wisdom Way

"Emma and Golden and the Inner Wisdom Way" offers simple and profound self-healing knowledge in storybook form, sharing skills that are easy for children and adults to learn, yet are powerful tools for creating well-being of body, mind and soul. Readers will learn effective ways to balance their emotions, relieve daily stress, understand and learn to talk with their Inner Wisdom, and allow it to guide them in their lives.

P.S. to parents and other caregivers: As you read the Emma and Golden story with a child, you can let the words infuse from head to toe, which helps you create vitality in every cell, from the inside-out!

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  • Check with Dr. Vivien at EmmaandGolden@proton.me

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